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  • What is Facilitative leadership?
  • How does it help to improve Accountability?
  • What are the key factors to accountable attitude?

When you feel yourself involved and engaged, do you usually do a better job? What do you think of those teams – where people better collaborate – reach better results? Being a leader, would you like to give this opportunity with the highest level of your intelligence to the others as well?

Facilitative leaders use their colleagues’ creativity, experience and engagement. They make processes and activities easier and support forward movement or implementation. Facilitative leaders are able to bring people together and believe in the wisdom of the group therefore help them to reach more together.

During this workshop while you are working on your own facilitative quality, you will have a chance to learn about some easy structures that you can easily build in your daily work in order to get your team more involved and engaged at your meetings, and to find the best solutions.

in English
100 participants

Participation is free and external applicants are welcome!

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